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More about Northern Cape

Take the whole family on an unforgettable trip to experience the mighty Orange River that feeds the agriculture and the alluvial diamonds industries. The vast and wonderful Northern Cape is by far the most beautiful province to visit, with entertainment and sightseeing for all ages.

There are so many attractions and special places to visit in the Northern Cape. Smell the flowers of the Namaqualand, and experience the beauty of each town the Northern Cape has to offer. One of the towns includes Upington, which is the most northerly wine-making region of South Africa. This town is also in the heart of the Karakul sheep and dried fruit industry.

Some of the last remaining true San people still live in the Kalahari area of the province. The area, especially along the Orange and Vaal rivers, is rich in San rock engravings.
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Diamond Fields
Diggers came to this area during the diamond rush era, they scoured river banks and sifted soil in a desperate search for wealth. They worked day in and day out. Kimberly became a place of blood, sweat and tears.
Green Kalahari
People who visit the green Kalahari quickly learn to appreciate the natural beauty of the open land where game roam free. The Green Kalahari offers the best of both worlds, never ending semi-desert land as well as vineyards in the fertile valleys of the Orange River.
Although the Kalahari exists out of sandy plains, and scorching sun that shimmers over dry river beds, it is home to some of the most beautiful nature reserves. Despite the harsh dryness of the region, the Kalahari enjoys rainfall of as much as 250 millimeters throughout the year. Easily maintaining the grass and other forms of feed that large animal species need to survive on.
The Karoo is famous for its wide open spaces and healthy climate. Underneath the dry flat surface lie the secret of the Karoo, showing its true beauty after rains, green grassy plains and blue open skies transforms the Karoo in to something extraordinary.
Travelers come here to experience a place so colorful with its diverse range of flowers that light up not only their day, but this spectacular diverse range of flowers light up the mountains and the villages. The Namakwa National Park sure is the main attraction of the area. Namaqualand not only has some of the richest bulb flora of any arid region in the world, but more than a 1 000 of its approximate 3 500 plant species are not found anywhere else on Earth.

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